“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.”
— Ernest Hemingway
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I am a writer. But unlike the awkward, reclusive writer stereotype, I’m a sociable storyteller. My education began with coursework in journalism followed by an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature. I almost went to grad school for a Master’s in English en route to a Ph.D, but life had different plans for me. After university, I worked as a proposal writer before starting a food blog and venturing into the freelancing world. But despite my meandering path, my entire life I have continually sought connection through communication: talking, debating, collaborating, listening, and writing. In fact, I’ve built my business around it. Through discussion (in person, on the phone, or via video chat), I uncover your story, discover your distinctive approach to what you do, and ask the right (and the tough) questions to write the content you need.

To capture your voice, I transcribe our discussion and write directly from your words, though sometimes the conversation is just the jumping off point for research and writing. Either way, getting to know you and your business is what fuels my curiosity because in addition to being a writer, I’m also a bit of a polymath (I know a little about a lot) - it’s the nature of writing for hire.

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Before I was anything else, I was a talker. And when nobody wanted to talk to me (because let’s face it, as a kid, I talked until I was hoarse), I found connection through reading. As a child, you could find me huddled in bed far too late with a book - a towel against the crack in the door to hide the light so I could read as long as I wanted. Today, you can still find me with a book in hand because I know that any writer worth her salt reads as voraciously as she writes; and in my case, I probably read more than I write.

As far back as I can I remember, I dreamed of becoming a writer. But I worried that I needed to know more, to study other writers, to be good at it. So, I studied literature in school. Turns out my love of reading bestowed me with an almost inherent understanding of how to craft a sentence, how to communicate an idea. Without constantly educating myself, reading everything (I'm not one of those elitist writers that shuns anything outside the canon), my writing would be stale and stagnant. I keep it fresh, grow, and challenge myself by reading every day.

Pair my endless reading with my incessant need to converse and write every day, and I am a storyteller. Helping businesses tell their stories fulfills me. And marketing today is all about storytelling. Once upon a time, claims of being “the best” effectively convinced people that you’re good at what you do, but now, people see through those claims, knowing that 20 years in an industry doesn’t make a business the best (or even good at what they do). Instead, they’re looking for you to show, not tell.

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How do you show your audience that you’re an expert? How do you build trust and establish your reputation?

Tell your story. Brand your business. Improve your marketing copy. Serve your audience with quality content that actually adds value to their lives.



Since my business is about telling your story, I do brand development, website writing, and content writing for businesses both big and small. Most of my work is confidential ghostwriting, so if you’re looking for a specific work sample, send me a message. In the meantime, here are some examples of work I’ve done:

  • I’ve interviewed and written features on over 80 businesses.

  • I’ve written and edited over 30 business websites.

  • I’ve created content strategies and topics, writing hundreds of targeted blogs, essays, and thought leadership articles on topics like modular construction, energy benchmarking, financial procrastination, biophilic design, the millennial workforce, sleep apnea, life insurance, tax time, parenting struggles, and Brazilian barbecue.

  • I’ve interviewed, brainstormed, and developed brand messaging and identities for start-ups and established companies.

  • I’ve ghostwritten op-eds on human trafficking and autonomous vehicles.

  • I’ve done substantive editing and research for Dr. Shaun Aghili’s book, Fraud Auditing Using CAATT and edited an online cybersecurity course he developed with eHanlis for the Government of Alberta.

  • I’ve written guides, newsletters, emails, eBooks, corporate profiles, award submissions, brochures, cut sheets, lead magnets, corporate bios, resumes, and white papers.

  • I’ve audited websites and marketing marketing materials to find gaps in communication and branding and made recommendations for improvement.

  • I’ve created storyboard concepts and scripts for videos (both live and animation).

  • I’ve edited academic theses, dissertations, and articles.

  • I’ve written and designed both small and large-scale proposals.

  • I’ve collaborated with graphic designers on experiential marketing projects.

  • I’ve done public speaking engagements, creating tailored presentations to businesses and academic institutions on effective communication.

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