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As a professional writer, I tell businesses' stories, from writing websites to business blogging, and from writing video and animation scripts to marketing collateral. I love telling the stories of business owners, people whose livelihoods, whose passions, whose hearts are wholly invested in their work. Connecting with them, getting to know their values, philosophies, and approaches to business is inspiring and fulfilling.

Sometimes I work for businesses directly, while other times I collaborate with graphic designers, marketing firms, and web developers. For example, I worked directly with the client on the website content for The Good Real Estate Company; I collaborated with Avenir Creative on the website for Aurora Real Estate Investment; and I write blogs, lead magnets, and other marketing copy for Wood & Co. Creative and their clients. 

Because I previously worked as a proposal writer and coordinator, I offer proposal writing and editing services and I also have design skills that some clients like to utilize like Inspired magazine, a parenthood magazine for Edmontonians. For Inspired, I not only edited two issues (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017), but I also contributed my own creative non-fiction, and designed the layout.

Lastly, I also freelanced for Yellow Pages Canada while they ran their neighbourhood business story program for local businesses, Smart Tips, and Smart Lists. Here are some samples of stories I've written about Edmonton independent businesses:

FEATURED creative writing

From where I am now, when I look back over my life, my heart breaks a little knowing that for so long, I didn't identify as a writer. Because I've always been such a voracious reader, I believed that to be a writer, I needed to write fiction. I wrote a handful of stories in my twenties, but I never felt as sure of them as I did of my academic essays, speeches, or even eulogies.

In 2015, when I was pregnant, I began writing a food blog under the advice of my mentor (and brilliant writer), Bill Thompson. While I shut down The Salty Almond to focus on my business and other creative projects like Becoming, that blog led me here, it both awakened and rooted me. Because now, when I strip away everything else in my life, my identities as a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and aunt, what's left is a writer. I'm compelled to tell stories, to write honestly about the beauty in life (both triumphs and hardships). So now, I write creative non-fiction: memoir style essays about my own life and the lives of others. You can read some of my creative writing by following along with my journal.


Raypold, Athena. “Chrysalis.” Harness Magazine, January 2019.

Raypold, Athena. “The Tsunami: A Birth Story.” Birth Issues, Summer 2017.

Raypold, Athena. “Tangible Childhood.” Inspired, Spring 2017.

Raypold, Athena. “Empathy is Everything.” Inspired, Fall 2016.

If you're interesting in working together, please feel free to contact me. You can also view my CV on Linked In

Ma, Kay High Res-37.jpg



Through candid conversation with writer, Athena Raypold, and intimate portraiture by photographer, Kelly Marleau, “Becoming” is an explorative art project that encourages mothers to uncover their vulnerability, to discover their identities, and to celebrate their unity. Sharing your story and your image is both cathartic and transformative - not only for you, but also for other mothers - your story will inspire them to emerge from the darkness into the light of shared experience, helping them to see that they are not alone. Becoming promises to be a raw, beautiful collection of women’s stories, a chorus of mothers’ voices, an anthology of intimate vignettes that reveal the complexity of a mother’s identity.

With each new experience, our identities evolve and our perspectives shift; as humans, we are in a perpetual state of becoming. Change is ubiquitous, it’s both the core and the bane of human nature, and with it comes new challenges, new vulnerabilities, new insecurities, new convictions, new loves – change is not without complexity or ambiguity or ambivalence.

We transform from one experience to the next, forever becoming, revising, altering, modifying our identities to encompass all that we’ve experienced, the collection of our memories forming who we are, tattooing our hearts with our notions of self. And while each of us survives a different becoming, our path is a shared one, our journey is beautifully universal: we are not alone. Together, we are becoming women, becoming mothers, becoming more than mothers. We share this journey, but our stories and our bodies are singular, unique.

This collaborative project will ultimately culminate into a book showcasing Kelly's photography and my essays.


Banner photo by Fiddle Leaf Photography.