Writer interviewing a client at Little Brick

I’m a professional writer who specializes in business communications. To eliminate your stress and anxiety about writing, I turn conversations into content. Because you don’t want to fill out a questionnaire, draft a website outline, or write a mission statement, but you do want to talk about your passion.

To write your communications, I interview you about your career, your business, your ideas, your inspiration and I record our conversation. Then I take the transcribed interview and write custom content directly from your words. This way, you get to spend time talking about what you do rather than agonizing over how to communicate it.

And since I have a background in academia, I also specialize in academic editing: theses, dissertations, texts, and courses. But rather than proofing, I do substantive editing - focusing on improving grammar and mechanics while also researching and reworking as needed. I also provide comprehensive feedback on areas that need support, fleshing out, or improvement.

contract writer


With a background in journalism and an honours degree in English, a professor once told me that I have a lovely cadence to my writing. A flexible writer, I am known for connecting easily with clients, for my conversational approach to interviews, and for providing exceptional, well researched copy.

Stack of Oxford English Dictionaries and Canadian Encyclopedias beside a typerwriter.

Working with businesses to tell their stories meaningfully requires generous listening and the ability to take their life's work, their core values, and their passions and put them into words that evoke action. As a writer, I don't always nail it on the first try. Imagining myself into your brand requires intimacy, openness, and thoughtful inquiry. This work takes collaboration, it takes time, it takes multiple drafts, and it takes considered, thoughtful, feedback to reach perfection.

freelance editor


“Brilliant, professional, creative and detail oriented—Athena is phenomenal to work with. She’s able to artfully capture the desired voice and tone and deliver a finished product that is compelling to read and impactful.”

- Emily Ghosh, CEO Soul Media

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Whether I'm differentiating your brand, creating your content strategy, or ghostwriting thought leadership articles, I deftly transfer my writing expertise from one project to another, juggling different forms and styles with both fervour and authority.